How Can The Bond Help You

THE BOND offers you a complete program of theory, plus practical tools and exercises to help you heal both your own world — your relationships, your workplace, your neighborhood and community — and the world at large.

Reading THE BOND will help you to transform the way you see and relate to your world. You will find out how to move past competition as a way of life.

You will enjoy closer relationships — even across the deepest divides — a more connected workplace, a more united neighborhood, workplace, group of friends. 

You’ll discover how to transform into a ‘spiritual activist’ and a powerful global agent of change. 

You will be armed with a powerful set of tools to fix your falling-down world, including:

  • special ways to create immediate harmony between you and others — even perfect strangers
  • powerful brain-training techniques enabling you to see the world more holistically
  • transformational tools enabling you to make deep connections with anyone — even those who disagree with you
  • life-transforming ways to restore harmony and connect after the deepest differences or transgressions
  • the extraordinary ‘Power of Eight’: how to create a ‘superorganism’ of collective brain-wave resonance and instant closeness, quickly transforming a group of strangers into a potent healing circle
  • dynamic techniques to get  a disparate, disputing group of people — at the office, at home or in your neighborhood —to put aside individual differences, learn to trust and band together cooperatively for effective change — of any sort
  • tiny everyday acts of generosity you can carry out that will cause giant waves of  transformation in your workplace or community

THE BOND is your map to through these dark times to a more enlightened future.

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Lynne McTaggart is bringing the message of The Bond around the country in the coming months.


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