How Can The Bond Help Business & Organizations

Business groups like CEOSpace recommend THE BOND as required reading for one reason: 

It proves that corporations founded on cooperation and connection create a more vibrant, successful fairer business, with happier, healthier, more productive employees.

Collaborative solutions at work also consistently outperform those in which companies pit individual performances against each other.

  • In fact, the latest scientific evidence shows that when you focus on your group’s efforts you also perform better individually.

Whether you are an owner, an employer, or an employee, THE BOND contains special practical suggestions and tools to help you and your company transform from ‘me against them’ to ‘all of us pulling together’. 

You’ll learn:

  • Powerful brain-training techniques enabling you to see your company and its individuals as one interdependent entity
  • Dynamic new group communication skills to create an office ‘superorganism’ of collective brain-wave resonance, instant closeness and greater synergy
  • New interpersonal skills and dynamic techniques to get the team to put aside individual differences and band together cooperatively for effective results
  • Transformational relationship tools to reach across the deepest disagreements and conversational divides
  • Ingenious ways to work with your competitors so that everyone enjoys better results and no one loses

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